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Coffees from single estates in a variety of prestigious origins.

We regularly trade coffees from the Galapagos Islands, Hawaii, Jamaica, Nepal and Puerto Rico, in addition to other traditional origins.

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee - which we have imported direct for in excess of twenty-five years - is our speciality and we enjoy the closest of links with our partners in Jamaica who are long-established growers of Blue Mountain and High Mountain coffees.

We stock a wide selection of Jamaican coffees, all approved for export by the Coffee Industry Board in Kingston, Jamaica, subject to seasonal availability.

We are exclusive European distributors for Baronhall Estate (High Mountain Supreme) and St. Clouds Estate (Blue Mountain). We also widely distribute other Blue Mountain coffees, including Blue Baron Estate (upon request), Cinchona Estate (upon request) and Flamstead Estate (upon request) and we are proud to represent Stoneleigh Coffee Processors, located at a new state of the art factory in the Blue Mountains, close to Mavis Bank.

We hold ample stocks of Stoneleigh Estate #1 (Blue Mountain) and are able to offer a just-in-time service for UK and continental clients.

Please direct your enquiries to:

Harry Edmonds
Edmonds Group
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+44 (0)7860 204390